Make Your Own Dress Tutorial

Some of you may know that my business started as a bit of a hobby. Youtube is where is all began in 2009. At the time I wanted to be a TV presenter ( before a dress Designer). I set up a Youtube channel for a bit or practice and feedback.  I thought " This will be a little bit of fun", a couple of months later it grew. Now with 22,000 subscribers, the channel exceeded my expectations. 

The channel focused on "How -to" tutorials. I showed my life as a big haired lover developing a dress design label. I also showed how to make your own dress designs which was the main focus of the content. Unfortunately as my dress business grew, my attention was else where. Even though Youtube allowed me to make enough money to focus on creating my own real life Boutique. I sadly neglected "her". Is Youtube a "she"? 

My resolution for 2017 was to get back on Youtube and this year I have stuck to it!

Here is one of my new "How to make your own dress" videos. Hope you like it......