A Wedding Dress for Kensington Palace

I had the exciting pleasure of making a wedding dress for my friend of 13 years Amee whom got married at Kensington Palace in July. Not only did I make the wedding dress but also the Bridesmaid outfits, Flower girls, Page boys, ties, bow ties, waistcoat and veil....phewww.

Amee came to me with a vision and we worked together to choose a lace that would work with with her design. We used a nude stretch satin for the backing which gave comfort and meant we could make it nice and fitted. 


Firstly we cut the backing fabric and then cut the lace in the same panels.

pattern cutting
lace applique

We used the lace edging as detail along the dipped back and also added an illusion tulle to appliqué on the lace.

edging lace

We used 21 mts of edging on the dress which included the bottom and the veil. 

Lace applique

Here you can see we cut around the appliqués and added them onto the illusion tulle.

mermaid wedding dress

All the appliqués were hand sewn onto the bottom tulle and tule lengths were added for drama. Amee lives in London so we only had two fittings to get it right!

kensignton palace wedding dress

Here is Amee's dress with the veil added in the vestibule at Kensington palace.

backless wedding dress
mermaid lace wedding dress
carolyn baxter wedding dress

Amee is the founder of Spanish Stray Dogs and of course she had her two rescue dogs attend the palace wedding! 

Photo :  Dave Evans of www.west.je 


Here are the Bridesmaid skirts and tops and the tartan ties made for the big day.

  Photos   www.west.je  

  Photos  www.west.je 

Custom Made Wedding Dress For Navada

Little do I enjoy more that getting to design a wedding dress with £100 a metre beaded fabric! I worked with Navada to create her vision she had for her big day. Custom making a dress means I have the customer work with me every step of the way. The dress usually evolves as we go.

First was choosing the fabric. Navada choose a beautiful beaded lace with lots of embellishment. We built it on a nude underlay to show off the lace pattern to its full. The nude stretch fabric stabilises the lace also.

Photo- Cross cashmere. Model- Caitlin.

We used the stunning edging along each edge of the bodice top.

The main body of the dress before it's sewn together. With beaded fabric you have to take off all the beading in the seam allowance which takes AGES!

The bottom skirt was cut out of a full circle shape to give lots of volume. There was also an extra piece added into the centre back to give an even larger train.

We used an opaque stiff fabric to stiffen the lace so it had some body to it.

We used an opaque stiff fabric to stiffen the lace so it had some body to it.

Once the length was decided we could start to add the detailed adding by hand.

This was the first proper fitting and to check that the dress was going in the right direction.

These shots were taken at   Cross Cashmere   HQ with the gorgeous   unisex wrap  . £489.

These shots were taken at Cross Cashmere HQ with the gorgeous unisex wrap. £489.

Photo - Lynne McCrossan, Cross Cashmere HQ.