Our Wedding Dresses of 2017

2017 brought some amazing dresses to life. Bridal design is an avenue I really wanted to venture into and in 2017 we did just that with some beautiful custom designs created. 

Here are 4 of the custom bridal dresses that were part of the year. 

Amee's dress was for a beautiful Kensington Palace wedding. She came to me with an idea and we selected the lace from a variety of samples. Amee lives in London so we had two fittings over the process of the dress taking shape. We also made a matching cathedral veil to finish off the design.

Kensington palace wedding dress
close A&S KP.JPG

Navada was our next bride. Believe it or not Amee and Navada's weddings were on the same day! 

Navada came to me with an idea and chose a fully beaded sparkle lace. She chose matching sleeve accessories and a chocker. 

navada wedding dress
Navada 2.JPG

Eilidh was our next bride. She is a old high school friend from Dunoon who WON her wedding at The Lodge on the Goil!

Eilidh had seen a style she liked elements off and we decided to combine design elements but turn it into her own. She chose sparkle lace and an organza bottom.

Ceilidh wedding dress
eilidh 1.JPG
Eilidh during her first fitting.

Eilidh during her first fitting.

Claire Louise was our last bride of the year. She has a lovely winter wedding. Claire Louise booked her wedding dress in and then the next day found out she was pregnant! I think she is overdue 1 week as I write this so thinking of you!

Claire Louise stuck with her original design prior to finding out she was pregnant. We fitted it around her bump- however with her growing bump we had to leave making the dress to around 3 weeks before the wedding! 

CL wedding dress.JPG
Claire Louise wedding dress.JPG

This year we hope to welcome more brides to have their dress made for their big day.  To book an appointment click here.