Bridesmaid Heaven

This year I have seen a boom in Bridesmaid orders. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of recommendations and new customers looking for me to play such a part in their big day. 

Here are a few of my favourites from previous years...

If you're interested in booking in for an appointment to chat bridesmaids then you can do it via the home page or send us a wee mail.  Prices from £120-£260.

If you're interested in booking in for an appointment to chat bridesmaids then you can do it via the home page or send us a wee mail.

Prices from £120-£260.

Make Your Own Dress Tutorial

Some of you may know that my business started as a bit of a hobby. Youtube is where is all began in 2009. At the time I wanted to be a TV presenter ( before a dress Designer). I set up a Youtube channel for a bit or practice and feedback.  I thought " This will be a little bit of fun", a couple of months later it grew. Now with 22,000 subscribers, the channel exceeded my expectations. 

The channel focused on "How -to" tutorials. I showed my life as a big haired lover developing a dress design label. I also showed how to make your own dress designs which was the main focus of the content. Unfortunately as my dress business grew, my attention was else where. Even though Youtube allowed me to make enough money to focus on creating my own real life Boutique. I sadly neglected "her". Is Youtube a "she"? 

My resolution for 2017 was to get back on Youtube and this year I have stuck to it!

Here is one of my new "How to make your own dress" videos. Hope you like it......

We got Married!

After years of designing dream dresses for other ladies it was finally time to design my own. Since I was little, I was dreaming of what my wedding dress would look like. It is a lot of pressure for a dress designer to design her ultimate dress. For a start, your mind and ideas go into overdrive and there is the worry you may end up looking like a Christmas tree by adding too much. In the end I quite liked mine.

Our big day was wonderful and I have to say we had a lot of help from friends who worked on invitations, cakes, hair, favours, lending cars, all to help me have my special day. Our Photographer Suzanne Li captured it perfectly. Thank you. 

Photographer- Suzanne Li  Venue - Kirknewton Stables  Invites/ Menus/ Order of the day - Nicola Grafik Boutique  Cake - Casa Angelina  Hair- Christina Bundell / Jessica Graham  Hair ColourNicole Smith  Favours - Jenna (Bridesmaid).

Having A Dress Made

Today we decided to open the doors of the boutique and show the process of having your dress made....

The boutique is like a little piece of dress heaven where your dream frock can come true. Not only a shop, but we have our in house studio attached. Everything is made in our studio and all the fittings take place in the shop.

We have various stock dresses which you can browse through. These dresses can be bought off the rail and fitted to your body or you can have your own made up to measure.

Once a customer decides their favourite style we then talk through colour options. As we are designers, we can change the styles to come up with your own version. Some people will combine the tops of one style with the bottom of another to make their own design.  

Once the style is decided it's then time to take the measurements. This normally takes 10 minutes. If you are not local you can follow our video on how to take them yourself.  Once everything is confirmed the deposit will book the space on our board for your order. 

After you leave the magic happens. Once the dress is made we then call you in for your fitting. On occasion we need to fit the dresses twice particularly multiple fittings are needed with bridal parties or wedding dresses. 



Summer Time Belles

Summer season is definitely our busiest time of the year. Last summer I stopped to have a baby,  this summer, we managed to squeeze in our wedding. Luckily Laura took over the wheel of the ship and these are some of our beautiful customers we had the pleasure of dressing this year rocking Carolyn Baxter.


7 months ago my first child was born. A little boy named Blake. Over his first months of life not only have a watched him grow in a new chapter of my life, I have also managed to grow my business into a new pathway. Having to juggle both a new baby and a new business plan has been tremendously difficult. However at the same time I have felt that keeping in tune with the new business direction has been an anchor that has kept me "Me" amongst the poo nappies and sleepless nights.  

This week I'm glad to say that finally we have finalised and launched the new bridal collection.

The revamp began with a brand new logo to reflect the new grown up style of the label. Gone was the girly fun pink heart and in came the geometric gold one.

The logo was designed by Nicola Stewart of Grafik Boutique. I work very closely with Nicola and she knows my vision and aesthetic taste very well. 

To photograph the dresses I could use no other than my sister, Girl With A Camera. Being sisters means we can shout at each other on set and direct how we please without fear of upsetting one an other. Next came the venue choice. We found a stunning venue Carlowrie Castle on the outskirts of Edinburgh which sat perfectly with the dresses. We were lent some stunning headpieces from LHG Designs. I now have my eye on two of these styles from my own wedding.

The collection consists of 6 dresses most of which are based on our classic familiar fitted silhouette. They are made from a matt stretch satin which ensures a good fit and comfort. Hand beading and embellishment is included in many of the dresses. 25 meters of fabric was used for this collection and 40 meters of tulle!

We had great help from Christina Bundell - hair , Ruth Cochrane, Evi - Glam Candy make up. Models - Laura Martin and Arabella Normand.

A New York Bride

Around six weeks before her wedding Sarah came to me to ask me to make her last minute wedding dress for her New York Wedding. Normal designers may wince at the thought of having 6 weeks to make the most important dress of a ladies life, but I on the other hand, having just made an emergency wedding dress in 1 week thought 6 weeks was a luxury!

Married on top of the Rockefellar on a clear bright Tuesday overlooking the Empire State building. Bliss.

Welcome to a new chapter

Welcome to the new chapter.

The last 6 weeks have been a time for new horizons and changes in my world. Six weeks ago I welcomed the birth of my first son into the world and since then, not only have we been juggling the busiest dress season in the event calendar, but we have also been creating a new path for the business and brand. 

With a new more grown up life, we have created a new more sophisticated branding. As the brand has organically developed I have decided to take a venture into creating a new bridal range which will sit along side the event dresses. When the label was first born I was 25 with no commitments and enjoyed all the perks of being a fun time party girl. The fun pink hearts and girly look reflected the place I was at in my life at the time. Fast forward 6 years down the line and I am a mum who is planning my own wedding next summer. which has prompted the new venture and new grown up look.

Can't wait to show you,